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Residents often pay a lot of attention to the main components of a home, from the siding to the roof. While these are essential elements, it is important to keep an eye out on the patio and deck as well. These places add an excellent amount of space without having to extend the property line. They also provide a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with family and friends in the great outdoors. To keep these spaces looking attractive and comfortable, reach out to our team at Valdez Construction. Our experienced professionals offer the highest quality of Hemet patio and deck remodeling.

Signs That a Deck Should Be Remodeled 

Although decks and patios are designed to last a long time, they will still eventually face weathering and erosion. It is important to look out for signs of problems to start the remodeling process. By being proactive to schedule renovations, residents can achieve their dream look while also preserving the safety of their homes.

Consider calling one of our specialists whenever noticing that:

  • The railings, along with their nails, have come loose from continual hand traffic
  • Some of the deck boards feel wobbly or tend to squeak and groan when people walk on them
  • The wood is showing signs of rot or has gone soft from water damage
  • The protective sealant has worn off, leading to fading from UV exposure and dirt stains
  • Cracks, holes, and gaps are visible in the wood
  • The fittings and fixtures holding the deck together have become rusty over time
  • Termites have made a home in the deck or patio
  • Mold, fungi, and mildew have developed on the wood from continual exposure to moisture
  • There is a visible presence of leakage or at least traces of water spots and warping
  • The current style of the deck or patio does not match the rest of the home or has just started to look dull and tired

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  • “Very professional, hardworking, and polite with their customers! If they give you a deadline, they’ll reach it or finish it before! Hands down the best decision my family has made hiring Valdez Construction!” - Nathan W.
  • “I have used Valdez construction for over 20 years and find their service and workmanship to be exemplary! From roof repairs to complete re-roofs to skylight installation, they offer great service and prices.” - Loni V.
  • “Johnny Valdez responded quickly and gave me an estimate right away. They give good prices and the team that came out for me were professional, efficient, and very friendly! Will recommend them to anyone!” - Sean W.
  • “The Valdez team took care of our roof leaking immediately. Being busy on rainy days, they made me feel like a priority. The job was done professionally and efficiently. Would highly recommend for any and all construction services.” - JB Junk Hauling & Services
  • “Frank and Johnny made sure to get the best quality piece and explained the thought process and schedule with detail. We are very happy with their work and will gladly use them again.” - Lauren H.
  • “These guys are the best! They have great pride in the work they do, and have great prices! Thank you for the new roof looks great!!” - Rick P.
  • “They were extremely professional and delivered an estimate to us quickly and without hassle. The job was completed on time and was worth every penny! They went above and beyond to make sure the job was done right.” - Isaac C.
  • “The house re-roof looks absolutely perfect, with top-quality materials and workmanship. John was communicative and professional through the entire process and we couldn't be happier with his service!” - Colleen B.

How Remodeled Patios & Decks Add Property Value

The most important reason for renovating a deck or patio is to make it more comfortable for the whole household to enjoy. Nevertheless, it is also a good idea to think about other benefits, such as the increased market value of a renovated deck. The more care and effort that is taken in maintaining a property, the higher its property value will be. If you should decide to re-stain the deck, add a hot tub, install lighting, or implement blind fasteners, the market price will go up. One day, when the home is ready to be sold or even passed down to beloved family members, its value will be extensively greater. Speak to our team at Valdez Construction to learn the best ways to increase the worth of your house.

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