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Every homeowner wants their roof to last as long as possible, but there will eventually come a point when a faithful old roof has reached its end. To keep everyone safe and comfortable from the elements, make sure to get in touch with our team at Valdez Construction. It is our highest aim to satisfy clients with an excellent roof replacement in Hemet.

When residents reach out to our qualified, licensed experts online, or call us at (951) 987-5580, they will be sure to love our beautiful, functional designs for roof replacement in Hemet.

When to Opt for Replacement Instead of Reroofing

There is a type of roof repair that has recently become very popular with residents, known as “reroofing.” This technique essentially involves taking a second layer of shingles and installing them over the current shingle layer. Since it does not require any shingle removal, the method is relatively quick, which means it also costs a lot less too. However, reroofing can only be used in certain circumstances. If the roof has ever been reroofed before, for example, it is not optional to add a third layer, since the weight would bring the roof toppling down. Moreover, some roofs may have experienced too much internal damage, so they should be replaced for safety.

Always look for replacement rather than reroofing when noticing:

  • Dark streaks – If a roof displays dark, wet streaks on the inside, this often means that the roof has absorbed so much moisture it has started to mold. 
  • Light is coming in from outside – Visible signs of light indicate that the holes and cracks are too large to cover with overlapping shingles.
  • Internal water damage – Warped ceilings, walls, and floorboards mean that the leaking is so bad that it has broken through the interior sealing, and the roof needs to be replaced right away.

To discuss which roofing materials would best suit your home, call our licensed team now at (951) 987-5580 and schedule an appointment for trustworthy roof replacement in Hemet.

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof?

How often you should replace your roof depends on the type of roof that you have and the material used. Generally, asphalt shingle roofs tend to last for about 20 years before needing to be replaced, while metal roofs can last anywhere from 40-70 years. Tile roofs also tend to last a long time; however, they can require maintenance or repairs after 10-20 years. Ultimately, the best way to know when your roof needs to be replaced is by having it inspected regularly by a professional. This will allow them to identify any potential problems or damage that could result in an earlier replacement and help you plan for the project ahead of time. Knowing when to replace your roof not only ensures that your home is protected and safe, but can also save you money in the long run.


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What Leads to a Roof Replacement

In many cases, one of the primary causes of roof replacement is simply old age. Different materials generally have different expiration dates. For example, a tile roof may last 100 years while an asphalt shingled roof may only last 20 years. Sooner or later, all roofs are going to reach the end of their lifespan, and they will need to be replaced.

Nevertheless, other issues might cause a roof to be replaced before its time. If a roof has not received regular maintenance, this is a primary contributor to early expiration. Maintenance allows experts to identify minor issues and quickly resolve them before they become larger problems. Too often, residents forgot to arrange for dependable check-ups for their roof’s health, which led to early deterioration. Regardless of the reason, however, our dedicated team members at Valdez Construction are here to set things right. Get in touch to begin planning a beautiful new roof today that will last for years to come.

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