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Hemet Roof Inspections

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Looking out for the signs that a roof is in trouble is a crucial part of its upkeep. This is why our specialists at Valdez Construction are dedicated to offering thorough Hemet roof inspections. We aim to keep our clients safe and comfortable, as well as save them from paying hefty costs. 

Avoid unnecessary replacements by scheduling proactive inspections with our team online, or by contacting us today at (951) 987-5580.

What Is Covered During Interior & Exterior Roof Inspections

During a roof inspection, a professional will make sure to examine all the nooks and crannies of a roof, both inside and out. The attic should be checked to see that it is correctly ventilated and insulated so that no mold is growing. On the outside, the roof needs to be free of leaks, both in the shingles and the flashing, as well as the chimney. 

Throughout this detailed examination, residents can count on our team to carefully assess:

  • The roof materials, looking for any defects or gaps 
  • Flashing around chimneys and vents, making sure there are no leaks
  • Whether the gutters and drainage systems are blocked or leaking
  • The overall health of the chimneys, including their pointing, flaunching, and brickwork
  • How the capping and pointing of parapet walls are doing
  • If there are any issues in the bargeboards, fascia, siding, and soffits
  • The interior structure of the roof’s timber 

How Often Should a Roof Be Inspected?

While these are helpful signs that a roof requires an inspection, they do not always appear when a roof is in trouble. This is why regular inspections should be scheduled with our experts. Research has shown that roofs that are examined at least once a year tend to last much longer. This means reduced costs, without the need to purchase expensive replacement materials. Let our team at Valdez Construction know, and we can provide a thorough inspection to keep the roof in great condition.

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  • “The house re-roof looks absolutely perfect, with top-quality materials and workmanship. John was communicative and professional through the entire process and we couldn't be happier with his service!” - Colleen B.

How to Know If Your Roof Needs an Inspection 

Only a professional will be able to explain in detail what is causing trouble in the roof. However, residents can be alert to the developing symptoms that would then lead to an inspection. The sooner these problems are caught, the more likely they can be fixed by our experts.

Some of the primary indications that a roof should be inspected include:

  • The presence of water damage – If there are warped walls and floorboards, or brown and yellow stains on the ceiling, this is a clear sign that the roof is in trouble.
  • Missing or deteriorated shingles – When shingles have suddenly disappeared, or several of them appear to be cracked, broken, or missing granules, it is time to have them checked out.
  • The development of mold – Has mold, mildew, or other fungal growth begun to appear on the roof? This is a sign that there is too much moisture accumulating, which leads to this undesirable growth.

To get started with our extensive Hemet roof inspections, call our bonded experts today at (951) 987-5580.


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